Social Networking & Media


Twitter is a micro blogging and chat tool designed for posting very brief content and messages of up to 140 characters. Twitter has expanded over the years with very many people signing in to use the medium. With its popularity growing at such a high rate, it is clear that Twitter marketing is a great way for business persons to promote their businesses.


Your business can’t afford to not have a Facebook presence. The social networking site now has more than half a billion users

What is Social Media

Social Media is pretty much ingrained in the way that people now use the web. It has the power to literally make or break a business. Just think of this; Facebook has over 500 million users. That’s 500 million people all using 1 site! This is something your business should consider connecting with.

When implemented properly, and with a flare for original content, a social media campaign can result in massive exposure, higher website traffic and and new natural links to improve those all important search engine results page rankings.

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